Long-Term English Language Learners & Academic Communication in English (ACE)

PIs: Dr. Gita Martohardjono and Dr. Elaine Klein

Project Manager: Shannon Webb

The Academic Communication in English (ACE) assessment is a detailed, grade-leveled, English language and literacy assessment developed by the SLA Lab and commissioned by the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). The assessment is specifically targeted towards Long-Term English Language Learners (LTELLs) in the NYC public school system and identifies the particular strengths and weaknesses. The ACE is designed to be a tool for educators to pinpoint students’ academic listening, reading, and writing skills so that they can better educate this understudied population. Students can take it each year from 5th to 11th grade in order to gauge their skills relative to national standards. The ACE includes Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Pre-Writing, Writing, and Academic Listening modules.

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